Because social media, false expectations and our tendencies to beat ourselves up – suck!!

Social and popular media is the place to FAKE IT!

Because what others see, they believe.

Marketers have known it forever.  A tweak of a photo here, an embellishment there, leave just enough of an implication of reality and . . . SOLD! As truth!

The result –

Us spending our time and precious energy measuring ourselves against a perception of beauty.

I’ve been in the Health and Fitness industry for eons.  I know girls who have graced covers of Fashion and Fitness magazines.  I know it’s possible to be skinny (note I didn’t say healthy).  I know it’s possible to have fitness model defined muscle (note I didn’t say healthy).

I also know the physical and mental energy it takes to get there, and how draining on most people that is.  I also know that it is almost impossible, and generally unhealthy to try to maintain those body ‘ideals’.

The thing is Health, Fitness, Beauty and Strength should not have any age, size, look or background to it, and being the best version of you, starts where you are at now, with what you can do now.

Our video was born from a need to show the world that women are beautiful, fabulous and inspirational exactly as they are.  So take a look at these beautiful, fearless, inspiring women doing what they love.  Celebrate with us by telling the world that perfect beauty is a myth, and that self-confidence and self-belief make any woman a Queen, no matter the setting or the circumstance.

Now it’s your turn!