You didn’t realise Health Coaching is like a perfectly brewed, well balanced Coffee did you?

Of course it is!  It is put together just the way you need it.  There’s a comfy place to sit, and lots of chatting where we right the wrongs of the world the worlds previous attempts to stuff you into a ‘health box’ that you weren’t made to fit into.

You know health is important.  It effects everything.  Your lifestyle, your interactions with your family, your job, even your interactions with yourself (healthy people talk to themselves nicely!).  But health is also human.  It is normal to experience doubt and uncertainty about what to do and how to do it.  Coaching is your opportunity to have someone really listen.  Then we nut this stuff out together.  Together, because you are the expert on you, together because when you are one of my clients I’m all in.  Chin-wagging, laughing, possibly crying, plenty of OMG moments and flashes of ‘shut the front door, I’ve never thought of it like that’.

Right now you have a dopple-ganger inside of you who is wearing all your confident clothes.  We’ll find that person, so you can wear him/her on the outside – strong, fit, healthy here you come!  Here’s your options:



Mocha – equal parts espresso, chocolate and steamed milk.

It’s our first date (really who goes to bars anymore!?).  Me getting to know you, you asking all the questions you need.  Me unravelling all of the information, you making awesome discoveries about yourself and where you want this to lead and how that can be done.

Us, working together to bring out your best you.  Sweet moments, combined with some sharp realisations and finding how they work together (just like a Mocha) to bring out the very best, healthiest you!

You will discover valuable information about yourself.  You will find out whether coaching is for you and work out whether we mesh well together.   You will also leave with a full on, we’ve left nothing out, picture of what motivates you moving forward.

(Allow an hour to 1.5 hours for this consultation just to make sure we get that motivational piece right!)


THE ESPRESSO (5 hours of full-on!)

Espresso – a concentrated coffee shot.

An intense, focussed, soul-searching, tingly all over experience that involves an (almost solid) 5 hours of you and your “I’ve lost my healthy mojo” self . . . and my, leave nothing to chance, let’s brainstorm and work out what’s going to work best for you, expertise.  Note:  Big person knickers required (to help get you through the ‘full-on-ness’), tequila shots not recommended – that’s why there’s coffee!!

Espresso is ideal if you:

  • Aren’t in too bad a state and just need something to reignite the health/fitness flame
  • Feel that you are doing some things right, but it ain’t all ‘clicking’ the way you want it to (but don’t feel 10 weeks of hand holding is required)
  • Feel the need for updating your regimen and want to find something that meshes with your personality and your physiology (ie. What your body and brain will dictate is best for you)
  • Realise that while things have been going ok, your body is changing, or is going to change (that clock keeps ticking aye) – and because you’re a smarty pants, you know if you don’t change with it, it’s gonna all turn to custard
  • Are just too damned busy to arrange consistent appointments for 10 weeks


Points to Note:

This coaching is conducted via skype or in person.  For face to face coaching, you can either head to me or on the odd occasion I may be able to come to you (accommodation and/or travel costs will also apply).


Cappuccino – 3 equal parts espresso, steamed milk and froth.

A romance because like a Cappuccino real health is a perfect combination of lots of different elements that take time to discover.  A romance because we need to discover the quirks and challenges that need to be worked around, and the things that make you all tingly inside that make it easier, and move you quickly forward.


Aimed at those seeking more life and more from life, and realise that getting healthier, fitter and maybe losing weight is the way to achieve that (no previous experience necessary – I’ll be gentle).

Ideal if you:

  • Want to go from zero to rocking it, but need someone to get you off your ass and make it happen already
  • Don’t know where to start or are just plain confused by all the contradictory information out there
  • Want someone to walk you step by step through the health/weightloss jungle
  • Know that for a wee while you may need some hand-holding and/or some butt kickin until we get things on track
  • Want the assurance of knowing I am available to you anytime during the 10 weeks that you need me. Yes, drop me an email anytime you are ‘stuck’ and can’t find a way to work through the quagmire, and I’ll get back to you.  Caveat – this offer only relates to health and fitness related questions – there are different professionals for other life challenges.
  • Don’t want to spend time or money on things that may or may not work (we remove all of that risk)
  • Don’t want to be a distinguished ‘lifetime member’ of Jenny or WeightWatchers or any other clubs of such high distinction.


By the end of this 10 weeks you’ll learn things about yourself that you never dreamed you would find.  And I’ll know you better than your Mama.  Hell, this is longer than some Personal Training accreditation courses out there – and it’s focused solely on what works for YOU!!  Generally conducted via Skype.



Including assisting setting up home gyms, developing programs, teaching technique and monitoring progress.

  • Pricing dependent on package

I was in a position where I had a regular physical fitness regime and a pretty healthy lifestyle, but just felt I wanted to take everything to a new level.  Your checklists, processes and support helped me clarify what areas to focus on, and where to start.  The information you provided on body types and the program you developed for me have been really beneficial.  My buzz is back!


Internationally operating Business & Personal Coach

You are really good at listening to someone ‘dump’ information and sorting it, sifting out the crucial pieces and bringing focus to them. . . I have managed to lose 14kg of body fat (in 12 weeks) without any increase in exercise (due to back injury)

(time frame extended due to specialist appointments with injury)



Desk jockey at a Bank

As a former Human Resources and Training and Development professional, I am very impressed with Rachael’s Health Coaching. Not only does it examine the key contributing factors that make up wellness of the mind, body and spirit, but it emphasises finding the way that is right for me. It also helped me to know that some of things that didn’t work for me in the past weren’t right for me.  Health Coaching was useful for clarifying my goals with regards to wellness and gave me a way forward to reach those goals. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their wellness but is not sure where to start.





The Mocha Hour

$70NZ for somewhere between an hour and an hour and half.  A discovery session about yourself, you will begin to discover your hidden potential and a motivational drive that you possibly never knew existed!

5 Hour Espresso

$500NZ start to finish.  Includes 5 hours of coaching, teaching, joint brainstorming and high fives.  Coffee is a given, cake is a maybe (sometimes cake is good for the soul – we will find out if it’s right for you in our session!)

The 10 week Cappuccino

$750NZ for a 10 week course, that includes a ‘get in touch anytime you’re having problems clause’

Get in Touch

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