That’s me, Rachael Corcoran…

Imperfect, honest and a dreamer of wonderful things for me and you!

Imperfect – because humans are, and aiming to be flawless is time consuming and energy draining.  Life is a lot more enjoyable when we just stop trying to be perfect.

Honest – because if I’m not honest with you, I’m doing you a disservice.

A Dreamer – of a world where we not only acknowledge but celebrate our quirks.  They are not flaws or faults,

they are a part

of us, our story.  I dream of a time where we cease to feel less than perfect because of them.

Hi I’m Rach and I help busy, overworked (mainly, but not exclusively) women, go from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and generally pissed about their health and appearance –

 . . . to being strong, healthy, vibrant and feeling hotter than a hot thing!


LIFE IN A NUTSHELL (well, timeline)




(they’re awesome – shhhhh!)

Avoided nits



Aims for perfect marks at school while often pretending to study but mainly listening to radio

Worked as checkout chick

Got kissed by a boy

Finished school (not because of the boy)



First real job Rowed with world champions under tutelage of Olympic champion

Got medals, didn’t get into NZ Development team

Learned hard way not to follow all professional nutritional advice

Travelled to far-away places


Mid 1990s (was a busy decade)

Award winning Police recruit

Excelled at the Policing thing (got lots of glowing reports from the ‘higher ups’)

Got new dog


Early 2000s (still busy)

Leave police.

Get unwell.

Discover have arsenic poisoning.

Pull finger signs at doctors who said was all in my head

Became Personal Trainer Trained all kinds of awesomeness – from actresses and models, to chefs, onto it business types, mums and a milkman

Contracts with Les Mills NZ to train and assess other trainers

Contracts with LM International to get exercise/nutrition product ready for International Market.

Began speaking at places with lots of people


Mid 2000s (very busy – you’ll see)

Disagree with quote Les Mills put in their international material that I recommend EVERYONE do their plan.

Tinkered, researched, trialed, rehashed – developed a system where nothing is left out, that allows for all your individualities to be considered, and your potential to be realised.

BOOM – Health Coaching Rachael styles is born

BIG BOOM –  a human was born –  yep, became a Mumma!



Continued developing self and helping people in coaching and personal training context

Patted self on back for surviving toddler years and sent child off to school

Qualified as CrossFit Trainer and fell in love with how many ways it helps people

Opened CrossFit Horowhenua

In spare time (cue hysterical laughter) have contracts with other CrossFit boxes in various states in Australia to help them get their message across ‘to the real people’

In conjunction with one of NZs top Personal Development Coaches put together video featuring beautiful, inspiring women who want to show that we all deserve a healthy, strength filled, full life, no matter our age, shape or background

Future Me Aims to:

Grow young disgracefully

Do all the things

Experience all the experiences

Feel good about helping you kick lifes butt

So welcome . . .  I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance.  Please raise your virtual glass of champers and toast to a fantastic time of discovery, and a healthy you!   Chin, chin  🙂

Hey Rachael, just wanna say I am so grateful for your help. Before I came to you the weight seemed stuck on, the health was going down the tubes and had been for 8 years and nothing seemed to change. You helped me get healthier, thinner and understand a whole range of factors that were causing me problems. I am grateful and blessed and can finally fit into clothes I never thought I would  xxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo


Student and very lovely young lady

Rachael has been amazing in helping me to improve my fitness and lose weight.  I found that even if you know what you ought to be doing, it helps so much to have someone else to give guidance and support.  Rachael’s program has helped me to set clear goals, and to make lifestyle changes in a way that I can continue long term.  Her support is always positive and challenging, encouraging me to continually build on my progress.  While working with Rachael, I have so far succeeded in running a 5km race (from never having run before), and having lost enough weight that people now have no hesitation in telling me how fat I used to be!


Medical Herbalist and Belly Dancer