I’m picking you are here because you want to lose the jiggle your tummy makes when you walk, or because of the tweak of shame you feel at not doing more with your kids.  Maybe you’re tired of feeling tired or unwell.  Possibly it’s because you want to feel as savvy as the chicks that wear the latest jeans – you know, comfortably!

Or is it because in your soul you know this world has an amazing amount of joy, love and adventure to offer, and in honest moments you acknowledge you are missing out because you don’t have any ‘get up and attack life’ kind of energy.

Whatever the reason, you’ve probably tried various health or weight-loss plans before with mixed results, are confused by conflicting information, or you need some motivation, education, a gentle hand or a kick in the jaxie to get you on the right track!

Can I help? –   *insert drum-roll*     Sure Can!  –  Because I get it!!

Thing is you aren’t broken, a failure or a will-power deficient zone.  There are reasons trainers, online programs, diet books or doing what your friend did, haven’t worked in the past.


Because while . . . .

General health knowledge is Useful

Personal Health Knowledge is Power

(Rachael Corcoran . . . yup I say that)

You see, until you know enough about both your Personal Health Goals and your ‘Requirement Status’ (that’s a fancy-ass way of saying you need to know what the layered elements of your goals are, the education you require, the elements you need to put first to encourage success, and how they need to be put together for it to work for you) then you are relying on luck  for anything you try to work.

 Optimal Health and Permanent Weight-loss  can only be achieved when all the puzzle pieces fit together properly.  Leave one out and you don’t get the whole picture.  And just like completing a puzzle (where some do the edges first, some do individual picture parts and others just look at puzzle piece shapes), everyone needs to work on health or weight-loss in their own way.

Coaching may not have a sexy cover, but it will be effective, it will be healthy, and it will deliver!

If you want the power & ability to control your life

Then you must be pro-active, rather than reactive

You must be deliberate & intentional about what your body

and your psychology need, for you to be healthy

 Trash the idea that if you just start something, it’ll fall into place.  Learn from the past – it won’t!  You’ve got to find your way to make health and/or weight-loss happen, and find your way of ensuring follow through.  With me you get professional help that comes with almost two decades of experience in health, fitness and nutrition, and an honest approach that takes the guesswork away.

There is nothing that can affect your health and weight that we don’t tackle full on rugby styles . . .  cross my heart, pinky swear, so help me (good quality) chocolate!


But guess what . . . once I’ve finished with you I don’t want to see you again!!!


Well by the time we’re done, you will know yourself well enough, and have the education and tools to be able to tweak things (both as your biology alters with age and your environment changes), to continue being optimally healthy until you die, at the ripe old age of 103.


Well what can I say Rachael, you are brilliant . . . you taught me week by week to take control of my life again. All together it looked like a huge task, but because you broke it down into bite sized steps, the whole experience has been easily achieved.

Your support whether it be over the phone, in person of on Skype has been wonderful. You always seemed to have helpful little tidbits along the way.

Thank you Rachael for giving me my life back!



Business Owner and Mother to Teenagers!

. . . see, I’ve got your back!!

And so you can be sure you really want to work with me, I have attached a PDF that may help

Download it here

Think of how great the potential rewards and benefits could be!

Now look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want kick-ass health and to feel gorgeous.

Look me in the heart and tell me you aren’t worth the investment.


All it takes is you contacting me

– because you deserve a fighting chance!